Monday, May 25, 2009

Follow the Leader

We almost all had the joy of playing 'Follow the Leader' in our childhood. I have to admit that I wasn't that great, because I am way to much of the big picture person to get wrapped up in the details of each command. Well, there is another 'Follow the Leader' question that was much more life changing than this childhood game.

The relationship of the disciples to Christ began with a simple invitation -"Follow me." Theologians have written much about these words as they relate to Rabbinic invitations to learn and the Hebraic tradition. But putting all that aside, I believe it is a truly simple yet profound place to begin. As I begin this journey, these words echoed in my mind. Am I willing to follow Jesus these weeks and months ahead where He will lead? Like Peter, am I willing to put aside my 'nets' - all those things that make me feel at home and valued, and follow Him?

If Jesus met you at your work today and invited you to follow Him, what would you do? Would you put down the pen, put aside the keyboard, put down the tools and simply walk away?

As I process this question, if it had been asked after the disciples had spent a year with Jesus, it might make more sense. But, at the beginning, all they knew was any little interaction they had had with others in learning about Jesus. So what was so compelling about this man that caused them to set life aside for Him? What did they see and experience that would change everything?

Today, I am willing to say "I'll try." Will you join me?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting started

I begin this walk as we leave for a one month sabbatical. As we travel, enjoy friends and family, and listen to God, this will serve as a short record of my journey. Thanks for taking with walk with me ...