Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Beginnings

This blog has had several expressions and several starts and stops. During a recent bout with pneumonia, I had time to step back and really pray and listen about what God might have for me both in the near term and in the longer future. During that time what surfaced was that God is about a new (yet old) thing and I was to play a part in that.

As I listened, one thing that became clear is that I was to provide an opportunity for others to join me in this journey. I have retitled my blog Pursuing the Light unto my Path. This loose reference to Psalm 119:105 captures three elements of the journey God is inviting me to take.

First is that this blog will have to be in pursuit of Him and his purposes. Anything less will allow the world around me to shape the walk with Him. Inherent in the word itself is the sense of deep, singular commitment that demands a disciplined seeking of Christ each day.

The second element is that of the Light. The future of global missions and the place of the North American Church within it is well beyond my comprehension. God is a work in unprecedented ways today and Christ alone is the Light who can reveal what is needed to be at the center of His work. I know in the days, weeks and months ahead many things will try to block out or obscure the light, so undivided pursuit is demanded.

Lastly is the concept of the Path. Jesus has invited me and any who would like to come with me on a journey. Diane and I like to hike. As we choose a hike, we often know the destination, but not the trail itself. On those hikes we have encountered all kinds of joys and challenges from coming across a moose to being chased by hawks when we came too close to their nest. In the same way, I know we are headed to a new reality of missions, but where the path will take me is only known of the Father.

My commitment is to write once a week to describe the part of the path for that week. I know that hiking alone is both dangerous and often some of the greatest joys are missed. So I invite as many as wish to come along as we Pursue the Light unto our Path.