Sunday, May 23, 2010

Becoming Globally Friendly

The first leg of this trip was a two day conference in Chicago sponsored by Cross-Global Link. The topic of the conference was the issues facing north American missions as we embrace what God is doing in His Church around the world. The summary of the topic was best expressed by move of mission from a 'from the west to the rest' mentality to God's new reality of 'from everywhere to everyone.'

Thirty-two missions participated in this largely small group discussion based conference. The two days were challenging, stimulating and in some ways overwhelming for me. The task before us is daunting, yet (as one participant expressed it) God has already done it, we need only follow His leading.

As I move now into our Globalization meetings, I invite you to pray with me that these topics will not remain theory, but that God would grant His wisdom to put practicality and implementation in place. As we move forward, OC is committed to do so in such a way as to continue its sixty year history of serving the church to fan the flames of the Gospel.

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